Ethnos Übersetzung becomes Ethnos Communication

Ethnos Übersetzung becomes Ethnos Communication

Ethnos Übersetzung becomes Ethnos Communication

Years ago, we made a dream come true: the dream of establishing a translation agency. This dream had a name, and it was Ethnos Übersetzung.

But times change, and with times, we must move along and transform ourselves. During the last years, our business has been growing, leading us to widen our range of services and work together with a bigger group of collaborators. For these reasons, we feel the need to refresh our identity, which translates into a change of name and a new corporate image. Thus, we’re now called Ethnos Communication, and our image is noticeably different, as you might have seen recently on our pages and channels.

What and why are we changing?

But, what does this involve? First of all, the new name presents a declaration of intent: going from “Übersetzung” (German for “Translation”) to the English “Communication”, we want to express the growth experienced by our company, which now exceeds the translation sector and operates in the fields of marketing, design, communication and web development. On the other hand, the substitution of a German term for an English one puts into words a new international approach, while our previous focus was centred on the German market.


Our new logo. / © Ethnos Communication

In practice, this means we’re turning into an internationalization service provider. Of course, we still provide our distinctive top quality translation, localization and interpretation services, and will provide them without interruption in the foreseeable future. The innovation comes with the addition of new services such as marketing, SEO management, web design and web development, which can be combined with the previous services to offer an integral solution. This modular structure gives us enough flexibility to adapt ourselves to the specific needs of each and every client.

New services

As an example: you have a brand of shoes and would like to offer your product in different markets. Before, we would send you the translations for your website and your web developers would put everything in the right place. Nice but complex, with a high amount of steps and communication stages which make troubleshooting and resolution more difficult and time consuming. Ethnos Communication synthesizes all these processes in one, making life easier for the client and also for the collaborators behind the screen. As a result, the client receives a finished product with a simplified working structure and the additional benefit of cost reduction.

Modular structure

What about the modular structure? Maybe you need translation and web development, while another client needs web design and SEO. These different services are seen as units, which can be put together in packs designed for your specific situation. Our current structure is based on a strong team of project managers, translators, web designers, web developers and marketing specialists, with whom we have been working closely in the last years, building trust and professionalism.

In conclusion: by transforming ourselves, we stay true to ourselves. Communication means to flow, and flowing is the only way to allow any interaction among cultures.

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